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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Wimberley?

In Wimberley, it’s not uncommon to see discolored or dirty water flowing from your home fixtures when the pump isn’t working as it should. When this happens, you know it will need repair and as soon as possible. Submersible pumps are designed to pump out a lot of water in a well over time, but they’re not meant to handle sand, dirt, and silt coming through it often. Debris like this will only cause damage to the inner workings of the pump and it could cause other parts to wear out much faster than they otherwise would. 

Another issue we commonly hear about is the spitting and sputtering of water coming through the faucets in the home. While it’s not a problem to have them occur on occasion, it’s an issue when they do it a lot. It usually means air has gotten into the pipelines of the home from the private well pump. At this point, an examination of the well should be done by our experts as quickly as possible. It could be a faulty pump or low water in the well. If your pump is running at a low water level, you could overheat it and burn it out, so it’s important to have it checked immediately. 

One problem we get called to check out often is the low water pressure coming into the home. The pump is set up to pump out water at a consistent water flow, but on occasion, some homeowners will find their water isn’t coming through very fast. The culprit oftentimes turns out to be the pump’s motor failing from age. It’s not always the case though, so it’s best to have our professionals examine the well pump to see exactly what’s going on with your water pressure. A company like us knows what to look for and how to get it repaired quickly. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Wimberley?

Water quality is the main culprit in most cases in Wimberley. Water moving through the pump that has harsh minerals can clog it up, causing it to wear out quicker than normal. It can also cause bacteria to form in the motor, which will begin to corrode the metals inside. The hard water in the area contributes to these issues.

The other biggest culprit is a low water level or a dry well. When there isn’t much water in your well, and you try to run the faucets in the home, the submersible pump will try to run, but it needs to be submerged in water to do so properly. Without any water, it just sucks air, which is hard on the motor. You’ll burn it out if you continue to try to get water in this situation. 

For booster pumps, one of the biggest problems resides in having a smaller water storage tank than your household requires. When more water is called for, the pump has to continually fill the tank. The more it has to run, the more it starts to wear out. By having a tank that’s a bit bigger than what your family really needs, you can have a sufficient supply of water to draw from and the pump doesn’t have to run quite as often to meet the demands. 

Another issue that hasn’t been seen much in the past, but during the winter in early 2021, it proved to be an issue. Winter temperatures can get cold enough to freeze up above-ground components, even in Texas. By winterizing your pump prior to the winter season, here, you can avoid well pump failure should we get another winter like that again. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Wimberley?

There are numerous factors that can go into the cost of well pump repair in Wimberley. On average you might expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,400 with parts and labor figured together. Labor costs vary from $100 to $150 an hour, or up to $300 if it’s after hours or on the weekends. 

What Parts Need Replacing or Fixing

Private well pumps, nowadays, run on some pretty sensitive equipment, so you can bet the parts will run high. Some parts will cost more than others, though. For example, the control box is one of the most expensive pieces to replace. You could pay as much as $200 just for the part and then you’d have the cost of labor to go along with that. Pressure gauges are usually the cheapest part to replace, which run around $30, depending on the brand your pump is. 

Other pieces that may need replacing include the pitless adaptor, foot valve, and pressure switch. Parts will vary by the type of pump you have. Prices for them can range from $50 all the way up to $250. Add labor and you have an extra $300-$600 onto your final bill. If you need to replace the pressure tank, you’re looking at quite a bit more. Some of these can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000, on the more expensive brands. 

Type of Pump Your Home Has

There are a couple of different types of well pumps people use in the Wimberley area. One is known as a shallow booster pump, which is often installed above ground. Its job is to boost the water from the well area into a storage tank and then into the house. The other is a submersible type, which is a pump that sits in the well underwater. Much like a sump pump, it will take water in and pump it out of the well into the home. 

When it comes to repairing a pump, the shallow one is the easier one to deal with, therefore it’s usually the cheapest to repair. We can access it quickly and it isn’t exposed to corrosion as much. It’s also easier to test to make sure the pump works properly after repair. The submersible pump is underwater and is continuously exposed to moisture, dirt, and debris. It takes a little more work to get the pump to the surface to examine it and to drop it back into place. Since this area is not immune to drought, submersible pumps may burn out easily, which would cost you more money to replace. 

How Much Troubleshooting Is Needed

If your pump is acting up and not performing as it should, then some investigation will need to be done. To troubleshoot the problem, it could take a few minutes up to a couple of hours. While our professionals could just replace parts and hope that it takes care of the issue, you could be out a lot of money for unnecessary work.

A trained professional, like us, needs to see and sometimes hear the unit work to determine what’s going on with the pump. In some cases, we may need to get inside of it to figure out what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed. This is usually where most of your labor costs come from. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Wimberley?

One way to avoid costly repairs to your private well pump is to install a high-quality one. Going for a cheaper pump is easier on the wallet in the short term. But, they don’t usually last all that long. A good brand can last from 12-18 years and even longer in some cases. For a cheaper brand, expect only about 7-10 years if you’re lucky. 

Another way you can save money on repair bills is to call our professionals right away after you notice something is wrong. Some customers waited to see if the issue would go away on its own before they sought help. The problem, which could’ve been fixed easily, became a major issue and a high-price repair when it was all said and done. 

Lastly, one of the best ways to avoid paying too much money on repairs is by getting regular maintenance done on your system. Professionals, like us, can examine the system to be sure everything is in working order and we can spot any issues that might become major problems in the future. 

When Do You Need Permits For Well Pump Repair in Wimberley?

The state of Texas does not require permits for well pump repair. On occasion, one might be needed if you’re planning to drill and install a new well, but that’s only in certain circumstances. The state does, however, have rules and regulations regarding wells and their maintenance that need to be followed. For example, if your well becomes flooded, you must disinfect it before using any water out of that well. 

Private well pumps on your property are a great way to get water to your home when you don’t have access to the city’s water supply. However, they can be difficult to repair should something go wrong. If you notice your pump isn’t performing as it should, give us a call and we can pinpoint the problem for you, and offer the best solution for your situation. 

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