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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Manassas?

Low water pressure is one of the most common well pump issues in Manassas and throughout Virginia. Although this problem is not always directly related to your well pump, problems with your well pump should be considered if there is no other obvious reason for experiencing low water pressure. Water pressure issues that may be related to your well pump typically occur when your well pump’s pressure valve gets stuck or otherwise malfunctions. This problem can also simply be caused by an aging well pump that is becoming too old to function at its best and may need to be replaced.

Other common causes of low water pressure can include corroded, clogged, blocked, or broken pipes, as well as clogged well screens. Although low water pressure is not always an urgent problem that requires an immediate replacement of your well pump, taking care of this issue as soon as you notice it can help you avoid losing water completely or other significant problems.

Similarly, it is possible for a faulty well pump to completely cut off your water supply. Unlike low water pressure, having no water at all has few other common causes. Unless it is caused by a frozen pipe, this is nearly always an issue that is related to your well pump. Having no water is a likely indication of a severely broken down or otherwise shut down well pump system that is no longer drawing up water from the ground and flowing it through your home. If you experience no water, our plumbers will typically need to locate the source of the problem and replace some or all of your well pump system.

Although this process can get expensive, it is important to note that complete failure of your well pump usually does not happen overnight. Instead, this issue often begins with low water pressure and gradually worsens over time until your well pump system eventually fails completely. This means that most homeowners and renters will never need to worry about having no water available as long as they take the time to adequately maintain their pipes and well pump systems over time.

Unusual sounds coming from your faucet, pipes, or other fixtures can also indicate problems with your well pump. Sounds tend to be one of the most common signs of weakened or continuously running well pumps, and they may either only occur while you are actually using water or at any time. Malfunctioning well pumps can make a variety of odd noises and some of the most common include continuous motor sounds, clicking, or water spitting from your faucets.

Discolored water is another common problem in the Manassas area, particularly in parts of town with many homes that contain older pipes and plumbing systems. Water that looks unusual may also taste or smell strange, and issues with your well pump are one of several possible causes for this type of problem. Your well water may be picking up sediment from the bottom of your water tanks if your water level gets too low, which can be caused by a problem with your well pump that is causing it to not be able to draw enough water into your water tank to keep it full. Other possible causes of dirty or discolored water can include corroding pipes or contaminants in the water supply itself. 

Finally, an unusually high water or electric bill generally indicates some type of problem with your plumbing. This may include leaky faucets, clogged or backed up drains, leaking or broken pipes, or other plumbing issues. Manassas residents who utilize well water instead of city water may also find that weak, broken, or otherwise failed water pumps can cause an increase in their electric bill. These problems may cause well pumps to run continuously instead of only when they are needed, which can significantly increase your home’s energy costs.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Manassas?

Although well pumps are not built to last forever and will usually need to be replaced within eight to fifteen years based on age alone, there are several factors that can cause your well pump to break, wear out, or otherwise fail earlier than it needs to. Your well pump usually will not need a significant amount of regular maintenance, but keeping it in good repair instead of ignoring it until something goes wrong can go a long way toward extending its life.

First and foremost, well pumps and tanks that are poorly made usually will not last as well as those that are made with quality materials and put together properly. Errors that are made when building or installing your well pump can make it more likely to leak, run incorrectly, or otherwise wear out earlier than it needs to.

Many well pump problems also start by running improperly, such as constantly cycling or running with no water in them. Well pumps are intended to run only when they are in use and only with water in them, and not taking care of these irregularities as soon as you notice them can cause additional damage that may be more expensive to fix or even require replacement.

Tropical storms and hurricanes blowing through the area can cause flooding that leaves debris in your well and contributes to clogging and pump damage.

Florida naturally has very hard water, and the minerals in the ground water can accumulate inside your pump and plumbing, making the pump work harder than it needs to and contributing to the chance of it burning out more quickly.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Manassas?

Well pump repairs and most other types of residential plumbing services typically cost around $680 in Manassas. Installing a well pump usually falls between $978.12 and $1,161.44. These figures cover the cost of labor and usually include materials. Permit fees are not included and you will need to apply for a permit and pay any fees associated directly with the City of Manassas. 

Depth of Well

Deep wells usually cost a bit more to dig and maintain than shallow wells because they take longer to dig and require more materials. Malfunctioning parts of deep wells may also be more difficult to reach and repair or replace than similar parts of shallow wells. Although some types of well pumps are located above ground, others are located below the water level, which can be more difficult to manage if the water level falls unusually low.

Condition of Well

Wells and well pumps that are in overall good repair are easier and safer to work with than those that have been neglected and are badly damaged. For this reason, wells that are in poor condition may cost somewhat more to repair than those that only require minor adjustments. Wells and well pumps that were constructed poorly or contain low-quality materials may also be in worse condition than those that are of a similar age but were well-made. 

Materials Used

Although w our plumbers provide their own materials when making repairs or replacing equipment, we will allow homeowners to select the brands they prefer. While basing your decision on cost alone is not the best idea when it comes to increasing the longevity of your well pump and getting the most out of your investment, selecting your own equipment gives you the opportunity to choose quality products that fit into your budget. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Manassas?

Catching small issues before they become larger problems is key when it comes to avoiding costly well pump repairs. Most well pumps that are well-made should not require excessive work, especially when compared to the rest of your plumbing, but it is important to make sure your well pump stays in good repair and stay on top of replacing it when needed. Although plumbing emergencies usually do not involve your well pump, a lack of water is one major issue that typically takes time to develop and can usually be prevented. Choosing well pumps and parts from reputable brands can also go a long way toward making sure you get the most out of your investment. 

Additionally, calling us in to maintain your well pump at least once a year can uncover issues before they become severe, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Manassas? 

The City of Manassas provides a list of specific projects that do not require a permit. Although most of the repairs and additions on this list are not related to plumbing, it does indicate that regular plumbing repairs that do not have an impact on the city’s water supply, distribution systems, or drainage systems do not require a permit, regardless of whether you are hiring our professional plumbers or doing them yourself. Well pump replacement is included in this category, as well as fixture replacement and other minor repairs and adjustments to your well pump, pipes, or other fixtures.

In most other situations, you will need to obtain a permit from the city before having work done on your well pump or other plumbing fixtures to ensure that the project is done correctly, meets building codes, and will not lead to further problems in the future. This is important even if you own your home, as most future buyers will want to see proof that any additions, major repairs, and other alterations to the home were done correctly. Certain types of errors could also impact any neighbors whose distribution or drainage systems connect to yours.

You will need to obtain a permit from the City of Manassas when you have your well drilled and your well pump installed for the first time to make sure your well is constructed in a location that makes sense as far as the available water supply and is safe for the rest of your home and other nearby buildings, distribution systems, and drainage systems. Any major repairs or adjustments that involve these systems will also require a permit.

Online plumbing permit applications can be found on the city website’s Permit Self Service portal, and PDF versions are also available for residents that would prefer to use them. You can also check the current status of your permit application, pay permit fees, and schedule any needed inspections within this portal.

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