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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Arlington?

Those who live in Arlington, Washington already know the winters here are more than a little cool and wet. It’s all the more reason to have decent plumbing services available when weather poses a threat to devices like well pumps.

With many residents using well pumps in this region of the northwest for their water source, weather can sometimes wreak have on the mechanics. Weather isn’t always to blame, though. Many other things can go wrong with water pumps due to natural circumstances, if not even slack maintenance.

One of the most common issues Arlington residents experience is no water from their pump. Sometimes this merely means the circuit breaker needs to be pulled to reset the system. This is fairly rare, however, and the most typical problem is something wrong with either the pump or the well.

Other times, lack of water could be due to dry conditions, requiring extra piping after lowering the pump to retrieve more water. Despite this being a simpler fix, more complex technical problems could be happening.

A good example of a more complicated problem is a pressure switch issue. The same goes for a failing pump, potentially bringing cloudy or muddy water.

Pump malfunctions are very typical and what our team sees the most often in Arlington. When pumps malfunction, they tend to run all the time, potentially burning out the motor. Residents often don’t notice this until after seeing their electricity bills running higher than normal due to the pump running overtime.

All of these issues can be prevented with a bit of foresight on how to prevent worsening problems.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Arlington?

Prevention is a major step to take with well pumps since so many things can happen without recurring inspections. Residents can inspect things on their own to ensure their well pump doesn’t have a premature failure only weeks or months after installation.

Keep in mind that anything overworking the pump is going to increase the chances of it having mechanical failure earlier than expected. A commonly overlooked problem is a breakdown of the water tank. When this happens, sure signs include dirty water or water spitting out of faucets in the house.

No one should ignore these signs. Either do self-inspection or get a professional installation done. We can make sure an inspection is done right to avoid overlooking anything.

Other things that might make a well pump fail early include:

Low Water from Droughts

Many don’t realize what droughts can do to well pumps in creating low water levels. Arlington is certainly prone to occasional droughts during the summer. Unfortunately, when low water occurs in the well, it causes the pump to work overtime again to gather water.

This scenario might require the pump to be lowered farther down into the well to reach the waterline. Not everyone notices this problem right away until seeing that their water pressure is lower than normal.

Don’t always assume low water levels will be temporary due to lack of rain.

Incorrect Pump Size

Careful forethought about pump size is needed before a well pump goes in. Some larger homes need a larger pump to keep up with the amount of water the family might use. Others with smaller homes may only need a small pump.

Each one of these could still pose risks if the right choice is not made. A pump too small could burn out due to keeping up with water use demands. A large pump is always going to take up more valuable space, something maybe not necessary after estimating specific water needs.

Sediment in the Water

The water quality in Arlington is known for being pure, yet it’s always possible that sediment can get in the water. If it does, it could create a clog in the pump. An issue like this is hardly ever checked immediately because no one knows their water has so many minerals building up.

Hard water is usually the biggest problem here due to nature. Then again, it also has human causes like accumulated hair or even soap scum.

Even plain dirt or stones can cause these clogs in the pump. In turn, it reduces water flow ever so gradually. Months may go by before an inspection turns up the problem, leading to well pump failure first.

Broken Pipes

Sometimes it’s not a direct problem with the well pump but just aging water pipes. A broken water pipe is only going to lead to a chain reaction, causing the pump to work harder and burn out.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Arlington?

There isn’t any way to fully estimate the final cost of well pump repair due to numerous variables. Circumstances can range from weather to various technical details being behind how long it takes for repairs to complete.

Still, the reported average of well pump repair here in Arlington is generally around $900. It could go as low as $200 if it’s a simple fix like a pipe clog. For more complex repairs, expect costs to go up to $1,700 or above.

What other specific factors might affect the cost?

Deep Well Pump

Two different types of well pumps exist: jet pumps and deep well pumps. With jet pumps, they’re placed at a shallower depth, making them easier to pull up and work on during repair. A submersible deep well pump is going to take extra machinery to pull out of the ground safely.

Because of these pump sizes, labor time is going to differ. A deep well pump could take more than a day to fix because of its more complex design, including reinstallation.

Other Components Need Replacing

It might be more than just the pump needing a replacement. During inspections, our team checks for problems with the water pipes and pressure tank first. If both of those look good, it can mean a cheaper repair can take place.

Replacing water pipes could make the bill much more expensive. Regardless, it’s worth it if the pipes are aged and can be upgraded to steel. These last a lifetime in the end.

If you need to replace a pressure tank, these usually cost an additional $500, depending on its size and the pressure rating. Only replacing the pressure tank and pump at the same time would push the job well over $2,000.

Type of Pump

Some well pumps have a lot more horsepower than others, including being able to pump more water gallons per minute. These are far more complex pumps that are different from a basic, conventional pump.

As seen, jet pumps are the more basic type and the most affordable. More sophisticated pumps that even run on solar energy are available. Those are going to cost more to fix due to their more intricate design systems, not including the size and weight.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Arlington?

To avoid the costliest repairs to a well pump, the first step to take is to schedule a professional inspection. Based on the amount of inclement weather potentially happening here in Arlington, it’s important to remember inspections should occur at least twice per year.

Residents can also check for things on their own, even if an expert inspection helps scope out subtle problems. Our team guarantees a reliable inspection, and usually looks out for these potential issues:

Pump Motor Functions

Since the motor is one of the main things that can blow out, we’ll always check it first to make sure it’s operating efficiently. Checking the wiring is another key thing, as well as the amp load, grounding, and any signs of overuse.

Insects could even be chewing on the wiring around the motor, inevitably causing a blowout. Finding an issue like this long in advance is why regularly scheduled inspections are so important.

Checking for Contaminants

Sometimes a well can become contaminated, leading to eventual pump problems. Our inspections look for any signs of contamination coming from paints, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Contaminants go beyond causing problems with the pump and also illness when getting into a resident’s water supply.

Checking System Output

A basic flow test determines a lot of problems in advance to prevent future expensive repairs. Checking the system’s output determines various things, including whether the pump is working right, including the pump and pressure tank switches.

Water Test

It pays to test the water quality to prevent the above hard water issues from ever becoming a problem. We can also do this for you with expert results. Some of the first things we’ll check for include the water’s appearance and smell.

Anything looking abnormal can immediately reveal problems, saving our local Arlington residents thousands of future dollars.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Arlington?

Most cities require a permit before any plumbing work on a well pump is done in a home or business. Arlington is no different, with permits required for any modification of existing water/sewer systems in a residence.

To get the permit, a contractor or resident has to fill out the proper application through Arlington’s Community & Economic Development department. The application form is fairly straightforward and has only two pages.

First, the applicant needs to provide the project address, the project evaluation figure, plus a project description. In the middle section of the application, applicants need to provide the property owner’s name and address in addition to the same for the contractor.

At the bottom are multiple choices for what type of plumbing materials might be needed. Below this section is a list of various permit fees involved, including a standard base plumbing fee of $25. Inspection fees also cost $75.

Adhering to the international building code is important while well pump work is being done. While permit fees can sometimes be expensive, there is a way to get a refund on them if the permit requested for the well pump work is ever denied.

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