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Septic Tank Installation Waupaca, WI

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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Waupaca?

To properly install a new septic tank system in Waupaca there are a few steps that must be observed before beginning work. As wastewater is known to carry hazards like bacteria, viruses, and household chemicals, the proper routes must be established for the treatment and removal of these hazards. First, there must be a recorded 9-1-1 address attached to the property, then a soil test needs to be completed. This will be able to determine which system will work the best and how big it needs to be. Then a permit must be obtained.

After the proper permit is obtained by the general contractor, work can begin. The ground will be excavated and prepared for lowering the tank into the correct spot. Pipes need to be connected and shut-off valves wired. Once the septic tank is in place, the city will inspect the work. Upon approval, the tank can be covered, leaving access risers sticking out of the ground to be able to maintain the tank without digging. Then the home can be connected, and the tank prepped for first use.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Waupaca?

Permits are obtained for new dwellings or repairs to dwellings that will connect to public systems. Permitting and inspection will notify the city if there are any problems with the work prior to connection to protect the existing structures. Sanitary permits must be obtained prior to work initiation. Both sides of the application for the permits must be completed and any fees incurred must be remitted. Obtaining a permit after construction or during construction can double the fees related.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Waupaca?

Aside from the cost of permitting and testing, the installation cost can vary. Experts like Mr. Blue Plumbing can charge extra for their services, but they will be able to navigate permitting, building fees, sales taxes, and obtain the correct labor and septic system for the building. Factors that influence the increase of the installation include labor rates, materials, equipment, surface preparation, septic tank components, and machinery. The average cost of installing a septic tank in Waupaca is $6,390. Here are a few factors that are considered when computing your total cost:

Labor Rates

Each of our crew members will have their own hourly wages based on their experience and expertise. The cost will include our certified septic installers, electricians, and our master plumbers. Not to mention any extra help hired for excavating and cover the tank.

Materials and Equipment

There is a large amount of equipment and materials needed to install a tank; from the trucks to haul it, to the backhoes to dig, and the pipes and fittings to finish the job. Excavating the area where the septic tank is to be placed will take some large tractors, and even some shovels and earth pounders. Each tank is connected to the electrical system and so the proper equipment is necessary to strip and connect wires safely. Connections to the drainage pipe and into the home require pipes, fittings, and adhesives.

There are different pipe types that can be used with different drainage solutions. PVC or PEX pipes may be used, and intake pipes vary depending on the homeowner’s preference. Pipe costs can range from a few cents for a section to over $5. Sands, gravels, and other soils required for the drainage can vary in cost. Gravel for drainage pipes and sites can cost as much as $3,600.

Septic Tank

The largest cost factor will often be the septic tank itself. There are different sizes depending on how many bedrooms the home has or will have. Regulations require the septic tank to be able to handle the number of people living in a home and calculations are made based on the number of bedrooms in the dwelling. Sizes and types of septic tanks range depending on the lot size, family, soil types and slopes, proximity to natural bodies of water, and local regulations.

Septic tanks themselves are not cheap and will be the brunt of the installation costs. A 500-gallon can cost nearly $1,000 just for the tank. Larger tanks increase to over $5,000. This does not include the chemical treatments, the pipes, and connections, parts, or labor. Choosing the correct tanks for the job will be the hard part; finding one that maintains quality and fits the budget can be difficult.

Choosing our team to install the correct septic tank is essential for the best results and avoidance of repairs and fines. Our professionals understand the permitting jargon and requirements and can guide you through the process.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Waupaca?

There are several types of septic tanks to choose from and most work the same way. There are chamber tanks, conventional tanks, mound tanks, and raised bed septic tanks, among other types. Most of the time, the septic tanks installed in Waupaca are chamber systems that are placed underground. Much like the conventional systems without the gravel lining the drainage pipes, the chamber system uses another chamber after the main tank to treat the wastewater, and then it is drained into a prepared leaching field or trench. It should drain well away from any intake water pipes so as not to contaminate the freshwater source. This system is ideal in Waupaca due to the heavy clay soil in the area.

The location of the property will dictate if a conventional or chambered septic tank can be used. Alternate tanks can be built depending on the lot size. Raised bed and mound tanks are best when faced with large amounts of water or the ground is not suited for excavation. When the lot size permits, mounds are the preferred type of septic tank. The city suggests certain plants for the mound to help maintain the soils that provide filtration.

An option for a large parcel of land is the wastewater lagoon. Not only does it help with the treatment of wastewater, but also drains storm waters and treats them before draining away from the property. The system contains a conventional septic tank by which the effluent drains into a pond on the property for further treatment. The lagoons are typically built into a large piece of land with clay soils or lined to prevent premature seepage into the soils. Air and sunlight can treat the lagoon water, then it is allowed to drain away into the soil for further treatment and disposal.

How Often Do Homeowners in Waupaca Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Regulations decree that the septic tank systems be maintained and inspected by professionals like us no less than every 3 years. The City of Waupaca has a program in place for the residents to pump and inspect their septic tanks on a schedule. While the city provides this service, and the cost is added to the property tax bill, homeowners should contact us to maintain their systems more frequently.

Avoid using a garbage disposal to flush solids into the tank as solids take a large amount of time to break down, or they will need pumping out. Limit the disposal of paper products down the toilet to solid waste and toilet paper to prevent the clogging and overflowing of the tank. Nothing should be poured into the septic tanks that can be easily placed into the trash or composting pile. Household chemicals should be limited, and medications should not be disposed of down the drain. Wastewater from a septic tank is treated and then drained directly into the soil. Water systems that are underground can be contaminated by chemicals that can not be completely gotten rid of by the septic tank.

Septic tanks rely on a bacterial presence to “eat away” at solids. Sometimes, using an additive can be of some help when the bacterial presences start to decrease. Disposal of antibacterial wastes like bleach and drain cleaners can destroy the bacteria population. Additives are no replacement for regular pumping of the tank every 3 years or more often should problems begin to arise.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Waupaca?

While Waupaca does not offer a rebate for the new installation of septic tanks, they do offer a grant or loan program for existing tanks. Upon the 3-year inspection, if the existing tank is found to need replacement, repair, or upgrading, the city can offer assistance. Loans in the amount of $20,000 with a fixed rate of 1% can be offered to qualifying households. Individuals over 62 that require service can apply for a grant for $7,500 to help cover costs. These funds are to cover all the upfront costs including construction so that the tanks can be replaced as soon as possible. Program eligibility is based on income levels.

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