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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Indianapolis?

We have been in the plumbing business for quite some time, so we have seen every issue that can occur with well pumps throughout the years. Three of the most common problems we see with residential well pumps include no water running into the home, murky water from pipes, and skyrocketing electric bills. 

When those who rely on well water suddenly aren’t getting any water into their home, it is definitely a cause for concern. Not only is this inconvenient, as a lack of running water makes household chores impossible, but it can also indicate a major failure within your well pump system. Sometimes a lack of water simply means that your well pump is no longer supplying electricity, but in most cases, it has to do with a problem in your well pump. 

If your home is still getting water, but the water is murky or more full of sediments than usual, this is also an indication that something within your well system is off. Some sediments within your water supply are normal, as minerals can leach into your groundwater from rocks. These sediments are almost never harmful to health, though they can cause hard water buildup within your home’s plumbing. Either way, murky-colored water could mean that there is a crack in your home’s piping system, or that your well pump is beginning to fail. 

Your home’s electric bills normally fluctuate throughout the year, but it’s easy to predict electricity usage in a given month after living in your home for a year or two. If your home’s electric bills have suddenly skyrocketed, it could mean that your well pump is running constantly. This can lead to premature motor burnout, but it can also indicate other issues within your well system. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Indianapolis?

Well pumps, on average, cost between $1,000 and $2,000, but they should last between 10 and 20 years. Unfortunately, not all pumps live out the long lifespan they should, and there are several reasons why a well pump can fail much sooner than they otherwise would. Three of the most common reasons we see for premature well pump failure in Indianapolis include hard water supplies, drought, and improper water tank size. 

Hard Water

Hard water is water that typically comes from the ground and has high concentrations of hard water minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. The water in Indianapolis is naturally hard. These minerals aren’t toxic when ingested or used in household chores, but they can negatively affect the flavor of your home’s water. They can also cause dry skin and hair, stained laundry, cloudy dishes, mineral buildup on fixtures and pipes, and more.

When hard water builds up in pipes and on your home’s fixtures, it can make your home use water much less efficiently, which in turn places a higher demand on your water pump to extract more water. This can cause your water pump to run constantly, putting it at risk for motor burnout. Hard water buildup can also occur within your well pump, making it run less efficiently itself due to clogged or jammed components. 


Although we typically receive as much rain in Indianapolis as the national average, we still experience the occasional drought that can leave our plants thirsty and our groundwater supplies low. When your well runs dry, your pump may continue to try to extract water that isn’t there, which can cause it to break down or malfunction. 

If you are currently experiencing a drought, it can be helpful to reduce water usage and to get some water from a different source until it passes. 

Improper Tank Size

A well pump works to extract water from the groundwater supply and then places it in a holding tank until you or your family starts to use it. Holding tanks should have enough capacity to store water that can suit your family’s needs, as holding tanks that are too small will force your well pump to work much harder than it should. Your well pump should get a much-deserved break once your holding tank reaches capacity, but if your family constantly uses more water than the tank can hold, your pump will have to run more frequently. 

If you have run into well pump issues before, it might be time to upgrade to a larger holding tank. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Indianapolis?

Private well owners in Indianapolis can expect to pay about $870 on average for well pump repairs, though the actual figures may be much higher or lower than that number depending upon your unique set of circumstances. When we calculate final costs for well pump repairs, the three largest factors we consider include the type of pump, well-depth, and whether other well parts need repair or replacement. 

Type of Pump

There are several different types of well pumps, and each come with their own set of pros and cons. Some pumps are relatively easy to access and repair, and others require special tools or equipment to get the job done. More complicated well pumps may also have special parts that have to be ordered, and that can add to the cost of your final bill. 

Depth of Well

Depending upon where you live, some wells can be quite shallow and others may have to be dug much deeper. Shallow wells are usually much easier for our staff to work on, especially if the well pump in question sits more toward the surface. Well pumps located in deeper wells often require more time, effort, and equipment to properly extract them so we can get to the repairs. Generally speaking, the deeper the well you have, the most costly routine maintenance and repairs will be. 

Other Repairs or Replacements

A well pump malfunction may be due to other components in your well not working right, or a well pump malfunction can also cause other components in your well to break down. In either case, other issues throughout your well system will have to be addressed, otherwise, you will continue on a hamster wheel of needing constant repairs of your well pump. If your well pump is the only part with issues, your bill won’t be nearly as high as if several parts need attention. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Indianapolis?

Well pumps can be costly, so it’s always in your best interest to be proactive and take proper precautions that can help keep your well pump in excellent working order. The most important thing you can do to maintain your well pump is to have regular inspections by out professionals, at least once per year. This allows our well experts to take a look at your well system to detect small problems before they become much bigger and more expensive to repair. 

Another important precaution you can take is to have a low water cutoff switch installed in your well system. This gadget monitors the water level within your well and it will turn off your water pump as soon as the water gets below a certain point. This prevents your water pump from constantly running unnecessarily, which can not only keep your water bill at a more modest level, but it can also prevent your water pump’s motor from working overtime. 

It can also be helpful to take a few moments to listen to your well system every month or so. If you hear any ticking or clicking noises, this can indicate problems with small parts in your pump or well system. Hissing noises usually mean that your well’s bladder is malfunctioning. Any time you hear a strange noise that doesn’t seem normal, it’s important to consider calling our professionals to take a look. 

When Do You Need Permits For Well Pump Repair in Indianapolis?

Any time you have a contractor install a new well or work on your existing one, you will need a permit from the Marion County Private Well Program. You or our plumber will first have to fill out a well pump application form and turn it into the county with a $50 application fee. The county requires it to be turned in either before a new pump is installed or within two business days after its installation. You or our expert will then be notified if your permit application was approved via email. 

It can sometimes be tempting to skip the permitting step and conduct this work under the table, but that is never a good idea. You may be subjected to hefty fines if the county finds out you had unpermitted work done on your private well, and unpermitted work can put you, your family, and your community in danger. 

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