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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Acworth?

Acworth GA perfectly fits the “small-town charm, big-city feel definition,” thanks to its big-city Esque cultural events set in a tranquil and fun atmosphere. In 2021, the city was inducted into the All-American City hall of fame, recognizing the ongoing civic engagement in the community to overcome various challenges. 

Owing to its proximity to Atlanta, the city has a thriving real estate sector, with some homes dating back to the early twentieth century. Some of these homes are located in neighborhoods, such as Clarkdale Drive and Northside Drive. While these older homes are known for high-quality materials that are quite expensive nowadays, they also have a downside in their plumbing system. Some of the plumbing issues we receive from these and other homes in Acworth include:

  • Water leaks and Low water pressure
  • Cracked, damaged, or clogged copper pipes
  • Sewer line issues


If you have noted a greenish-blue hue on your bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, it’s due to Acworth’s acidic water, which causes corrosion of copper pipes. In other cases, you may notice some discoloration on your laundry due to corrosion in the iron or galvanized steel pipes leading to rust.


We have had cases where homeowners in Acworth have experienced continuous leaks or corrosion in their plumbing fixtures or facets. Because acidity levels in Acworth’s water are too high, it leads to corrosion in metal pipes that will eventually cause leaks. Late detection can lead to excessive metal elements in your water, resulting in harmful health effects.

Pinholes Leaks In Pipes

We have also noticed several pinhole leaks in the building with copper plumbing systems due to the soft water common in Acworth, which pulls minerals away from the metal and gradually wears away your piping. Continuous exposure to copper in water can also cause serious health issues. Although pinhole leaks are hard to identify, regular inspections of your entire plumbing system can minimize such risks. 

Cracked, Damaged, or Clogged Copper Pipes

Although copper pipes are one of the best piping materials used in water distribution, chloramine eats copper gradually from the inside. Back then, the Acworth population was growing fast, and the authorities adopted chloramine on treatment facilities as an alternative to keep drinking water safe. The copper pipes’ deterioration occurs over extended periods and can go undetected for long under concrete slabs. As a precaution, we advise that every pipe installment should also have a protective plastic sleeve as per the plumbing codes in Georgia.

Sewer Line Issues

We’ve also seen prevalent sewer line issues in Acworth due to malfunctioning or breaking down in older and new homes. Some of the obvious signs that prompt property owners to call us are mold growth, clogs, bad odors, and slow drains. While on-site, we use a sewer camera to view the inside part of the pipes for proper and accurate diagnosis. 

How Does the Water in Acworth Affect Your Plumbing?

Acworth’s water has about 21 mg/l of magnesium and calcium carbonate. According to USGS, we can classify the water in Acworth as soft since it’s between 0 to 60 mg/l. The water is considered safe for drinking and other indoor usages.

However, we have also noted that the water in Acworth has signs of acidity. Most of the Acworth residents don’t know the effects of acidic water levels on their plumbing system. 

Typically, your home’s water should have a neutral pH level, which is the purest form. Although public water systems should have a pH range of about 6.5 to 9 as per EPA, it doesn’t actively regulate these measures. When you have acidic or alkaline water, it will eventually cause problems to your plumbing system.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Acworth?

Plumbing in Acworth can involve simple or complex processes, thereby determining the prices. Whenever a problem arises in your system, it’s also a good idea to know the price range you expect to pay. If your plumbing system has major issues, you can pay a higher price of about $650, but a simple repair can cost you around $80. We found that most homeowners paid an average cost of $350 based on the common plumbing issues in Acworth. The price range is due to factors such as:

Cost Factor: Labor

For homeowners in older homes within Acworth, we recommend changing your entire plumbing system to avoid constant repairs. While this may seem more costly, it’s an effective long-term investment. Note that the entire project demands more labor and time because we may have to drill through walls and floors. As a result, the business or homeowner will have to dig deeper in their pocket.

Cost Factor: Material and Equipment

Some plumbing issues in Acworth, such as pinhole leaks, are not easy to find. As a result, our plumbers in Acworth will have to spend more time inspecting your plumbing system. Yet, the leaks may be in various parts and can also affect a substantial area of your system. We will, therefore, use more equipment for the evaluation, repair, and possible replacements. Every material used in making the repairs and replacements is an extra expense to your total cost.

Cost Factor: Additional Expenses

Some plumbing tasks require extra work, such as surface preparation, and cleanup which attracts extra costs such as digging up your yard. Also, if you want to involve a contractor for build back, you will need to pay general contractor fees, which will add to your total price. Additionally, you will pay for inspection and building fees to the Acworth building department and other permit fees for plumbing repairs. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Acworth?

Yes, it can. Hiring our reputable plumbing services in Acworth will help you save money. For instance, if you occupy an older commercial or residential property, regular plumbing maintenance is crucial. In most cases, these houses’ water piping systems will have degraded due to chloramine. A thorough evaluation of your plumbing system can quickly reveal such issues, even behind walls. 

Whenever we detect corrosion or pinhole leaks on pipes in older homes, we advise property owners to opt for a complete repiping. Though it may be more costly, you should view it as an investment that pays off by eliminating time-consuming calls to our certified plumbers in Acworth and costly repairs over short periods. Still, you will avoid insurance claims, property damages, and higher insurance premiums due to persistent pinholes in your plumbing system. 

Additionally, you will save on your utility bills because you will curb water wastage points. Older homes also tend to have high water-using fixtures. If you live in an older home, our professional plumbers in Acworth will advise you on the necessary replacements to save you money, such as WaterSense labeled faucets. Cobb County has also come up with Water Efficiency Program to offer residents high-efficiency kits that can help save up to 20% on a consumer’s indoor water usage.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Acworth vs Hire a Plumber?

Our certified and licensed plumbers in Acworth can address an array of plumbing problems. However, in cases where you notice a water leak on a municipal water supply line in public spaces, call the water department to make the necessary repairs. The issue could be due to corrosion due to chloramine exposure, which may need a replacement to avoid water disruptions or low water pressure. On the other hand, if the leak is within your property, call our Acworth plumbers to make the repairs.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Acworth?

2019 registered up to five million dollars worth of new housing units in Acworth. All these houses must have a plumbing system, and each homeowner must obtain a permit from the Building Department before the commencement of the task. Still, when doing any remodeling, repairs, or additions, you also need a permit, even on older houses. Therefore, make sure you contact the building department for proper permit issuance.

You should also hire a licensed plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing for all repairs since permits are only issued to plumbers certified to work in Acworth. If you have the expertise to do the work yourself or are the acting general contractor, you must sign an affidavit and get a permit in your name. The authorities will also do some inspections on your plumbing system in areas such as disposal, distribution, venting, drainage, and utilization to ensure that they meet all the required standards.

Once the plumbing work is completed in a commercial building, you also need to wait for approval of the task by city officials. The Acworth Building Department has the authority to approve such plans or projects before usage. Note that any plumbing work done contrary to the municipal code of ordinance or in a dangerous manner shall immediately cease. Also, starting work before permit issuance will attract a penalty fee that is 100% the standard permit fee.

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