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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Johns Creek?

Georgia is known for its rolling hills, pasture views, and stunning sunsets. When it comes to living in the Southern state, you may be faced with a variety of different plumbing issues solely due to high concentrations of minerals such as iron, random periods of drought, and the constant debate on how often you should service your septic tank. 

Johns Creek is located 25 miles northeast from the state’s capital, Atlanta, and deals with these common threats to plumbing. 

Leaking Pipes

Water pipes and sewage pipes are common victims when it comes to leaks. Natural minerals in the soil surrounding them as well as sediment in the water that runs through them can cause corrosion over time and lead to leaky pipes. Other culprits that cause the deterioration of pipes include clogging or backfilled lines, which can lead to a pipe bursting, high water pressure, and the all-time favorite – age. 

Tree Roots

Johns Creek, like most Georgia cities, is home to some of the most beautiful trees. While they’re pretty to look at, they’re unfortunately common threats to plumbing. The large root systems of native trees can put pressure on pipes as they grow through your yard, leading to cracks and leaking.

Water Heater Problems 

The hard water in Johns Creek will naturally leave sediment in your water heater, which gradually makes it less and less efficient. We regularly get calls for malfunctioning water heaters in the area.

Human Error

We all like to claim that we’re perfect, but the truth is that none of us are. Human error can be a significant reason behind many plumbing issues. Sometimes cutting corners and hiring the everyday handyman seems like a great idea when you’re looking to get a job done. The sad thing is that without proper training and a Georgia state license for plumbing, you may come to find out that pipes weren’t properly installed when your plumbing system was built. 

How Does the Water in Johns Creek Affect Your Plumbing?

Fulton County, Georgia is no stranger to the state’s bipolar weather. From nonstop storms to experiencing droughts, it’s likely that if you live in Johns Creek, you’re going to experience both flooding and extreme dryness in the time span of a couple of months. This is important when it comes to plumbing because it impacts the natural water from the Chattahoochee River running along the outskirts of the city. 

Johns Creek relies on the lengthy river to bring public water to everyone’s doorstep. Water from the river is pumped through reservoirs that allow natural sediments to settle before being treated with Sodium Hypochlorite to disinfect and kill organisms in the water that carry natural diseases. From there, a mixture of chemicals is added to and sedimentation is removed before transferring the water through filtration to further rid it of microscopic particles that could be harmful.

The final step to decontaminating water from the Chattahoochee River is to add Fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay, along with lime and Orthophosphate which can help pipes throughout the city combat corrosion from any natural minerals remaining. By taking additional precautions to remove harmful bacteria and natural sediment, the water running through your pipes is safe to consume while also being less damaging, less corrosive, and reducing the risk of deterioration of pipes over time.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Johns Creek?

The average plumbing project costs $403 in Johns Creek. This pricing includes the cost of labor when hiring our plumbers, any kind of surface preparation, materials and equipment, and the cleanup once the repairs are made. Smaller repairs could even cost under $100 for incredibly simple issues such as replacing a valve, a short amount of pipe, or the routine unclogging of drains. 

Most plumbing jobs in the area are simple fixes when taken care of quickly. You’ll see prices skyrocket for plumbing issues that involve septic tanks. While most people in the state of Georgia don’t pump or service their septic tank until a problem arises, pumping a tank and properly disposing of the sludge inside of it can run anywhere from $300-500. Fortunately, that’s not a plumbing service you’ll likely be paying for annually unless there’s a bigger issue with your septic system. 

Cost Factor: How Critical the Job Is

Many plumbing repairs can be made in the span of a couple of hours, but this doesn’t mean that every single job can be finished that quickly. If you’re having more than a septic tank pumped or drains unclogged, then you may be in for plumbing repairs to take several hours in order to complete. This typically happens when you need new lines of pipe laid or gaining access to the issue isn’t easy. Plumbing repairs that require access to a crawl space can be more difficult to perform in older homes and may cost more based on the extent of work that goes into finding the issue at hand. 

Cost Factor: Hourly Fee or Flat Rate 

Our plumbers typically charge an hourly fee on top of the cost of materials, but some jobs call for a fixed rate because they’re simpler. When plumbing services are quoted at an hourly rate, it’s typically a job that requires more than an hour or two and our plumber knows they’ll have their work cut out for them. Often this is the case when you’re adding additional pipe or replacing a good portion of the pipes that run throughout your house.

Cost Factor: Cost of Materials

Each job is different and requires a variety of tools and materials. Pipes are typically priced per square foot and items like valves, gaskets, and other materials can be bought in bulk. Our plumbers will have a supply of certain items like clamps and valves, which may save you a little expense, but other parts like new drains, pumps, or faucets will need to be bought for the project.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Johns Creek?

There’s no fun in paying for an overpriced water bill, and when you find out that you can reduce the monthly cost with fairly simple fixes then who wouldn’t want to put money back in their pockets? The reality about poor plumbing is that it costs you money each time you pay your bill. When appliances like your water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher aren’t working at full capacity you could be wasting money due to that equipment trying to overexert itself in order to work. 

Issues like poor water pressure can be costly as time goes on. If your water heater isn’t transferring water at the rate it should be, then it’s more than likely using more energy trying to transfer water at all. Common issues like small leaks can even raise your bill. Not only do leaks reduce the amount of water that’s coming out of your faucet or showerhead, but they can cause structural damage, which is an entirely different and scary issue. 

When you notice potential plumbing problems, hire our professionals to come out and make the fixes as soon as possible in order to prevent overspending for months on end. Bite the bullet and pay a little money upfront on these repairs so that down the road you’re not losing money on overcharged bills and more severe plumbing issues as a result of the damage. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Johns Creek vs Hire a Plumber?

Having your water utility company on speed dial may seem like a good idea, and it is when you’re certain that potential plumbing issues are the result of something going wrong on the city’s side of things. When you’re facing an issue that’s more than likely the result of plumbing in your own home, then you may want to have our local plumber’s number a click away. 

Should you wake up one morning or return home from work and find out that there’s a water leak or no water at all, there are a few steps you can take to determine whether you should call a plumber or your water utility provider. 

  • To start things off, you should turn off any running faucets while not in use. This can help prevent the floodwaters from opening once you figure out the culprit behind your water issue. 
  • Next, walk out to your water meter and turn the little valve on it until it’s off. This step will help you determine whether the leak is on your end or not. If you notice that the little meter arrow (or numbers) continues to spin then the issue is most likely a leak on your end of things. If it stops running altogether, then you can feel pretty confident in reaching out to your water utility company and requesting assistance. 

Leaks and other plumbing issues present themselves in a variety of ways, but when you’re facing an issue that you know you’ll need professional assistance with, it’s always good to know which number to call. Signs of water pooling in your driveway could point to a backup or leak on the city’s side of things while pooling water or damp air inside your home will more than likely be an issue on your end. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Johns Creek?

Johns Creek follows state-mandated codes, meaning that any project dealing with plumbing, gas, electrical, and building construction requires a permit before beginning work. When applying for a permit to resolve plumbing issues, a city-appointed inspector will likely come out and perform an inspection before and after the job is completed. This is so that all mandated guidelines meet the standards set for local building and residential properties.

Currently, the homeowner, or our plumbers can apply for permits. Johns Creek does not have the application process set up online and all permits must be applied for in person. Some permits such as water heater change-outs can be provided as over-the-counter approvals and don’t require an inspection or waiting period.

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