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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Fort Myers?

Fort Myers, Florida has a median population in excess of 85-thousand people. Of those 85-thousand people, there are approximately 82-thousand households in the greater Fort Myers area. With that many people living in that many homes, Fort Myers has its fair share of plumbing issues. But, the common plumbing issues that we see from home to home are anything but glamorous. The issue with most plumbing problems in the greater Fort Myers area is due to sets of aging pipes. These older piping systems are usually cast iron and when they were installed ‘back in the day’ they were considered state of the art. In the proceeding years after cast iron pipes were installed, when researching tools became available to really test the cast iron pipes quality, we found that over time, even cast iron would begin to degrade and leach harmful chemicals into the water supply, as well as begin to break down internally. Aging plumbing infrastructure is a problem not only in Fort Myers, but across the nation as well.

The common plumbing issues here in the greater Fort Myers include:

  • Slow running drains
  • Totally clogged up drains
  • Toilets that constantly run
  • Toilets that flush slow due to clogs
  • Faucets that drip in both kitchen and bath
  • Hard water deposits (scaly limestone buildup) in faucets and showerheads
  • Water Heater issues

The common plumbing issues are fairly the same no matter where you go. But, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for the services of our dedicated team of professional plumbers in Fort Myers! Even if the issues are rather common and seem to be simple, there are always going to be the need for a professional plumber to handle things in a manner befitting of a professional plumber’s title! It’s those little annoying plumbing issues that can break the will of even the savviest DIY’er and send them away in tears as they dial the number for Mr Blue Plumbing to make the bad plumbing problem go away! It’s what we do, and it’s why we are here!

Even those plumbing issues that are a bit beyond those common ones listed here can be handled by our team. Major plumbing issues like:

  • Emergency after-hours service for burst pipes
  • Holiday and weekend service for plumbing problems
  • Total repiping of your home

Those aren’t common issues, but they do come up, and we can handle them as well. If the plumbing issues aren’t all that glamorous in Fort Myers, then it stands to reason that the water quality isn’t either. But, before we make any snap decisions about the water quality, let’s just take a look at it here in Fort Myers with regard to any ill effects that it may have on the plumbing issues.

How Does the Water in Fort Myers Affect Your Plumbing?

The Environmental Work Group (EWG) Database for the tap water test results for the City of Fort Myers, indicated that Fort Myers quality of water coming from the tap in any Fort Myers home, exceeded the standards set forth by the EWG as being safe for human consumption and 99% contaminant free. But, everybody wants to know about the lead content these days. The water in Fort Myers does contain lead. All water contains lead. It’s one of those things that because of all the concern, most of the effort is put towards it. The water in an average American household could come from the tap, the color of mud, and every concern would be about the lead content. The water could taste like an old sponge, but the concern would be about the lead in the water. It’s how we have been conditioned to think about the water running through the pipes in our homes.

The only issue that we can actually see manifested in Fort Myers plumbing, as a direct cause of the water quality, would have to be some of the additives that are placed in the water supply at the water treatment plant here in Fort Myers. It seems that some additives, such as fluoride and other treatments for things like algae, can only break down so far. When these certain additives are left with any particles of any size, those tiny particles can bombard the older cast iron plumbing systems, and essentially eat away at them much like a sandblaster. This will cause an eventual leak as the particles will find weak spots in the lines. These types of plumbing problems in Fort Myers are the only types caused as a direct result of water quality in the greater Fort Myers area.

Water is a serious issue. It is a life issue. We need water. We can do without a lot of things, but water is not one of them. About the only thing, according to the latest water analysis of the greater Fort Myers area, is a slightly high calcification content. The water in Fort Myers is considered to be ‘hard’ water therefore the faucets and showerheads may develop a slight scaly residue build-up that couldcause a blockage in your fixtures if left unattended for a long period of time. Other than that, Fort Myers water exceeds those standards set forth by the EWG for the most part classified as being lead-free.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Fort Myers?

When it comes to the financial end of a plumbing repair in Fort Myers, the final cost really depends on what type of plumbing repair you are having done. For example, you obviously will pay less for a leaking faucet than you would for a burst pipe. That being said, we have put together some figures that represent the ‘average’ amount paid for plumbing repairs in Fort Myers, and here they are listed as low, high, and the overall price paid for plumbing repairs in Fort Myers, Florida;

  • The average low cost for plumbing repair in Fort Myers, Florida is $88.
  • The average high cost for plumbing repair in Fort Myers, Florida is $645.
  • The average overall price paid for a plumbing repair in Fort Myers, Florida is $366.

Now let’s take a look at some Fort Myers plumbing issues that might cause your final cost to be a bit more than those averages listed above.

Cost Factor: Size and Scope of Your Fort Myers Plumbing Repair

Small jobs are going to cost less. You wouldn’t expect a leaky faucet repair to cost over a thousand dollars, and with the same respect, you wouldn’t expect a whole repiping job of your home in Fort Myers to cost under one hundred dollars! The size and scope of your Fort Myers plumbing problem have the biggest direct effect on the final cost.

Cost Factor: Will There Be Any Demolition or Reconstruction Done in Your Fort Myers Plumbing Repair Project?

A burst pipe inside a wall is going to require two additional items for your Fort Myers Plumbing repair. Tearing it out, and building it back! Charges for demolition and reconstruction may run into the thousands of dollars depending on the severity.

Cost Factor: Don’t Forget Those Permits and Inspections for the City of Fort Myers!

Before you begin any major plumbing project in the greater Fort Myers area, you need to get the permit and inspection checklist. This is a good starting point for our professional plumbers to begin your Fort Myers plumbing repair the right way!

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Fort Myers?

When you repair or replace something that is broken, you are going to be saving money in the long run. Does better plumbing save you money in Fort Myers? This is like asking a tire dealer, “will these new tires get me better gas mileage?” The short answer here is YES! Better plumbing is going to operate more efficiently in Fort Myers. Replacing those old cast iron pipes is going to save you money in the respect of no more leaks to repair! 

Perhaps the single most cost-effective thing that you can do with your Fort Myers plumbing issue is this: replace all of your old fixtures, faucets, showerheads, toilets, with the equivalent modern version that uses up to 20% less water to do the same job. These fixtures can be easily found at your Fort Myers plumbing supply store by the WaterSense logo on the packaging. Any time you see this logo, you are getting a plumbing fixture that has the very latest cutting-edge technology with respect to your plumbing fixture needs. Yes, you can save money with better plumbing and fixtures!

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Fort Myers vs Hire a Plumber?

Our team works very well with the staff at Fort Myers Utilities, and if they are needed as part of your plumbing repair in Fort Myers, you can leave everything to us. Basically, if the plumbing repair for your home is with the actual water line itself, there may be issues that require the City to start/stop the flow of water at your residence while repairs are made. Other than that particular issue, there shouldn’t be any reason to involve the City of Fort Myers Water Utility, and if there is, we will always make you aware of the situation beforehand.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Fort Myers?

If you have any concerns about whether your Fort Myers plumbing repair needs to be permitted by the City, a good place to start is with our professional plumbers. If you want to know for yourself if you need a permit for your Fort Myers plumbing repair, you can visit the City of Fort Myers web page that has all conditions that require a permit.

Most repairs that require permits and inspections by the City of Fort Myers will be reflected in your quote or estimate of services to be performed by our plumber.

If you are wondering about the costs of permits and/or inspections, the City of Fort Myers can also answer those questions and get your Fort Myers plumbing repair project started the right way!

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