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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Manteca?

Just like any thriving community in the Central Valley, folks here have run into just about any problem with their plumbing you can think of over the years. Some issues are definitely more common than others here in Manteca:

  • Clogged or slow drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Fixture replacement
  • Aging or corroded pipes
  • Leaking pipes

How Does the Water in Manteca Affect Your Plumbing?

The water here in Manteca has always been of incredibly high quality compared to that of other communities in the area, but it does offer some unique challenges.

Hard Water

Like most wells in Southern California, the water our city pumps from its 15 groundwater wells carry large amounts of trace minerals from erosion over time in the soil and bedrock of lakes and rivers. These tiny sedimentary particles make the water hard, aren’t easy to remove with other contaminants, and typically come through the city’s plumbing and into your home. While hard water isn’t harmful for human consumption, it can do a lot of damage over time to your entire plumbing system.

You may have noticed that hard water can make soap scum form on the shower or make the shampoo harder to rinse out of your hair. This is because the mineral content of the water prevents materials like soaps and detergents from breaking down, and the same thing is happening beneath your drains. Hard water can commonly lead to slow and clogged drains as these products catch other particles coming down your drain and create buildup.

Hard water also is commonly known for the gritty scale that it often leaves around faucets and fixtures. Again, this effect isn’t just limited to outside your plumbing system. This scale is caused by the accumulation of tiny mineral particles gradually over time. This is quite literally how sedimentary rock forms, and it’s happening in your pipes all the time as the hard water flows through them. This can lead to constriction within the plumbing, or the imbalanced pressure buildup can lead to leaking and ruptured pipes.

Drought and Conservation

There’s no way to put it lightly. California has experienced some seriously trying times of drought over the past years. This has led all communities to get on top of conservation efforts and try to reduce use, and we’re also doing our part here in Manteca. The City of Manteca Water Conservation Program was initiated in January 2015 to actively reduce the demand that our city puts on its wells and combat the three-decade trend of lowering water tables in California’s Central Valley.

This may mean that we need to be a little more conscious of our water use than folks may have to be in other parts of the country. Luckily, the increased efficiency of new plumbing solutions and fixtures in recent years has enabled communities to reduce their water supply significantly without sacrificing any utility or luxury.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Manteca?

Plumbing is usually reasonably affordable around here and is generally priced pretty competitively compared to other communities in the area. This may mean costs for simple services like clog removal or fixes on small leaks may run as low as $60-$100, but there are a few factors that could significantly impact how much you pay for the specific service you need.

How Big is the Job?

More work means more expense. Larger jobs require more time and materials and often have much more involved logistical challenges. Since your plumbing system is designed to work as one unit, significant changes like remodels will require some engineering to ensure that your plumbing can still function harmoniously. This may take extra time and resources to do right, which may increase your overall costs.

How Old is the Home?

Due to Manteca’s unprecedented population boom from the 1950s through the 1970s, many people in our community live in older homes. While many of these homes are still in great shape, they can sometimes be hiding serious plumbing problems underneath the surface.

The pipes, fixtures, and components that make up your plumbing system aren’t designed to last forever, and even the toughest of materials used for plumbing have, at best, a lifespan of a little over two decades. As plumbing ages, the protective coating on it can break down. This will leave your pipes vulnerable to corrosion, which could result in toxic chemicals like lead and rust being deposited in your water. These issues are serious, and we’ll have to deal with them if discovered. While not every older home will have plumbing that is neglected to the point of corrosion, you can usually expect at least a few setbacks in the plumbing of old houses to increase the price of services.

How Complex is the Problem?

For problems that are very complex or systemic within your home’s plumbing, larger changes to your plumbing system may be necessary. If a problem continues to happen again within your home, this may signify some engineering deficiency within your plumbing. These problems have two options that both increase the cost of plumbing services – either do the systemic changes to your plumbing to prevent the problem in the future or continue to deal with the symptoms each time they arise.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Manteca?

You can save money with better plumbing solutions just about anywhere, and Manteca is no exception. There are a few particular ways that folks around here have found to be reliable methods of saving money through better plumbing.

Water Softening Systems

Hard water will inevitably shorten the lifespan of your pipes and fixtures over time and has many other annoyances, such as the film left on clean dishes and the tendency of your drains to clog. Water softening systems soften the water at its entry point into your home. This means that all the water running through your plumbing system is free from the concentration of mineral particles that we usually find in our water around here. This can reduce the damage to your pipes and fixtures over time and avoid many repair costs over the years in your home.

California has banned the use of certain water softening systems that add salts back into the water supply, but there are many options available for salt-free water softening systems. Many folks around here find that the cost of setting these systems up often pays for itself over time.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Water conservation is extremely important to the future of our community. Our wells and the water table itself offers a limited supply. As drought conditions get more frequent and the population of Southern California continues to grow decade after decade, it’s up to each of us to find more efficient ways to use water so that our communities are stable into the future.

Here in Manteca, there are several rebates available for upgrades to more energy-efficient fixtures. Not only will these water-conserving fixtures save you money on your water bill, but the city will pay you in tax rebates to install them if you apply for these programs. Manteca also has a program where you can get a free low-flow showerhead from the city to help cut down on your water consumption.

Routine Maintenance

Like any other part of your home’s infrastructure, the best way to save money over the long term is with routine care and maintenance. Regular inspections, cleanings, and dealing with problems as soon as they arise will save you a lot in repairs and emergencies over the lifespan of your home.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Manteca vs Hire a Plumber?

We can always rely on the folk at the City of Manteca Water Division to keep clean water flowing from their wells to our taps, but once the city’s water has passed the connection with your home, the responsibility of the water utility ends. For any issues that originate with the plumbing within your home, that’s where we plumbers come in.

Contacting the Public Works Department may help you narrow down the problem if you suddenly have drastically reduced flow or no water at all. The utility company should be able to tell you whether there’s a known issue on the city’s lines if it’s affecting more residents than just in your home. If you’re having pressure issues, having a utility technician come out to verify that the city is providing you the necessary water could at least eliminate the possibility that the issue is with the city’s infrastructure.

For problems that occur on your property, you need to call a plumber. The city works hard to maintain public lines, and they can’t be responsible for issues within everybody in the community’s homes. While calling the utility company can give you quick information about a problem, don’t procrastinate calling us for too long. Problems like suddenly reduced water pressure is often a symptom of bigger issues within your plumbing system. When these issues aren’t dealt with promptly, it can often lead to more costly repairs in the future, or worse, disastrous emergencies like flooding.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Manteca?

Under California law, you’ll need permits here in Manteca for any plumbing work that changes your plumbing system in some way. This means that superficial and cosmetic fixes can be done without permits and some straightforward repairs and services like clog removal or simple pipe repair.

If any work adds, removes, or changes any components or materials, it will require a permit. Getting proper permits protects not only the quality of your work but also the value of your home in the future. Plumbing work that violates permitting requirements won’t get more legal as time passes and could be a painful liability down the line when the work malfunctions or you sell your home.

The permit application process in Manteca can seem confusing at first but can be efficient and easy if you know your way around it. We’re very familiar with these permits and the requirements around here and can easily get a plan together for your work that will help ensure a quick approval so that we can get to work on your plumbing issues.

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