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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Torrance?

Torrance homeowners are usually susceptible to several plumbing problems that are also common across the country. Having assisted thousands of residents in resolving their plumbing issues, here are the top five issues that we found prevalent in most Torrance homes: 

Leaky Pipes

Pipe leakage is a common challenge for residents, and it’s even worse if the pipes are in your walls. The issue requires a keen eye to point out, and leaving it unresolved or waiting until it’s too late can lead to more dangerous complications such as wall bulging, mold growth, damp floors, etc. 

Clogged Toilets

Toilets are one of the most vital facilities in the house, and you don’t want to imagine them getting clogged. The good news is that homeowners can effortlessly correct the issue in most instances by unclogging the toilet effortlessly using a plunger. If that proves futile, we are always one call away and ready to provide more specialized assistance. 

Dripping Faucets

Did you know that a faulty faucet dripping 60 drops per minute wastes five gallons of water in a day? If you convert that to a month, you can imagine the amount you’d have to add on top of your regular utility bill for wasted water. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be you. You can fix dripping faucets by tightening the internal washers or replacing them altogether – this depends on whether the washer is dislodged, torn, or stiffened. 

Sewer Line Clogs

If the core sewer line clogs, the rest of the lines also get impacted automatically – a tricky situation for homeowners. Unlike the past, when clogged sewer lines used to be an absolute nightmare to homeowners, the issue can now be resolved within a few hours, thanks to an advanced plumbing technology referred to as “hydro jetting.” The best part is that the technology doesn’t require any property upheaval or digging out of pipes. Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire sewer line. 

Slow Drains

Slow drains, more so in sinks and showers, are a standard plumbing Torrance issue. When water moves past the sink or shower outlets at an abnormally slow pace, that’s a sign that there’s a buildup of organic and inorganic matter. These may include soaps, tissue residues, hair, kitchen refuse, and more. Often, most homeowners resort to using caustic drain cleaners to resolve the issue. However, we DO NOT recommend that approach as it can be harmful to the pipes, which may be more expensive than fixing the problem at hand. Avoid the hassle and let a qualified plumber Torrance professional apply their expert-based input. 

How Does The Water in Torrance Affect Your Plumbing?

While the Torrance Municipal Water strives to ensure that locals are served with the safest water, there may be a disconnect when this precious commodity reaches your plumbing. The city of Torrance conducts an annual water assessment, to check for any external substances that may affect the plumbing system or compromise users’ health. 

According to a recent water quality report, some substances in water include naturally occurring minerals, microbial contaminants, inorganic matter, herbicides and pesticides, and radioactive contaminants. The good news is that the presence of these substances in water doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s terrible for your health. The bad news is that the presence of inorganic contaminants like salt, magnesium, dissolved calcium carbonate, etc., may result in a more devastating issue as far as your plumbing is concerned: water hardness.

So the big question is, how does water hardness cause plumbing issues in Torrance? Well, the more the hard water passes through your pipes and drains, the more it leaves mineral deposits. The mineral buildup inside the pipes usually results in clogging and eventual water blockage with time. The problem can also prevent you from enjoying your shower when the mineral buildup from the hard water causes the clogging of your aerators, showerheads, and water heater failure. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Torrance?

Now that you’ve discovered the most common Torrance plumbing issues, it’s only fair that we also enlighten you on how much you should expect to spend to have them fixed. Unlike what many people think, repairing a faulty plumbing system is quite affordable, and it’s high time people stopped worrying about the cost and delaying the repair, as it only makes the problem worse. 

In essence, we would be lying to state a specific amount that applies across the board, since plumbing issues vary and different homeowners have dissimilar equipment models. However, wouldn’t it be pleasing to learn that you only need to spend $108-$785 or an average of $446 to have your plumbing problem resolved? 

Let us help you understand how that pricing range is arrived at by discussing these three cost factors:

The Nature of Service Required

It is common knowledge that the more sophisticated the service needed to repair the plumbing issue is, the more expensive it will be. For instance, if your problem is about a clogged toilet or a dislodged or old bathtub/sink/faucet that you need a Torrance professional plumber to replace, you will most likely have to pay just a few hundred dollars. 

However, if your water is not flowing in or drains out slowly, and you can’t figure out what the issue is, you can be assured that you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to have the problem fixed. A qualified Torrance plumber would have to examine your entire plumbing system to unmask the problem and remedy it. It could be water leakage, sewer line blockage, slow drains, etc. But knowing the exact spot and the cause of the issue is another story, especially if the pipes are underground or inside walls. Last but not least, an emergency service would cost you more than a scheduled one. 

Supplies and Materials

Think of plumbing materials and supplies like car models – there are quite a number of them, and they vary in features and prices. When looking to repair or remodel your existing plumbing system, you must factor in the costs of the precise supplies and materials that you desire to have installed or replaced. 

And by that, we mean accounting for the actual cost of acquiring the materials (bearing in mind that prices tend to fluctuate), the logistics, California sales tax if applicable, etc. If you add up all these minor factors and determine that you can afford the plumbing supplies and materials at the expense of their alternatives, then you can proceed to acquire them.


Labor should be the least of your worries when figuring out how much your plumbing service will cost as it’s moderately affordable. But still, let’s not be blind to the fact that some plumbing jobs are more sophisticated than others and require A-level skills to resolve the problem smoothly. In such a scenario, you can expect to spend more on labor charges. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Torrance?

Water is life, they say, and it’s our solemn responsibility to conserve it by avoiding wastages, using it sparingly, and ensuring that our plumbing systems operate efficiently. Fulfilling these straightforward duties can guarantee you save hundreds of dollars in utility bills, without hassle. Unfortunately, some plumbing issues are usually beyond homeowners’ power and require professional plumbers to correct them. 

Here’s how a plumber can save you money:

Performing Regular Inspections and Maintenance 

We’ve all heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure.” And it couldn’t be more accurate as it’s better to conduct regular inexpensive assessments to detect and remedy plumbing issues before they become more extensive and expensive to repair. A plumber can inspect systems like sewer lines and drains at a fraction of the cost, saving you money in the long run. 

Making the Toilets More Efficient

Is your washroom fitted with the low-flow toilet? If NOT, then you should make that your first plumbing upgrade as it’ll save you money. As opposed to the conventional designs, which carry 13.2 liters, the high-efficiency models only need 6 liters to serve you well, if not better. We recommend dual flush toilets, which let you choose between the 4-liter and 6-liter flushes, cutting your water consumption even further. 

Fixing Leaks

Surprising as this may sound, a typical household can waste a whopping 10,000 gallons of water annually, due to leaks. If that’s not a reason enough to let your Torrance professional plumber help you save on water bills, then what else is? The sooner you identify leakage problems and fix them, the better. Leaks usually start as minor issues but steadily develop into an absolute nightmare that will cost you a lot more to fix at advanced stages. 

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Torrance Vs Hire a Plumber?

It’s a dilemma that most Torrance homeowners find themselves in, but that ends today. We’ve highlighted specific instances when each of the parties should be relevant to offer assistance. 

When to Call the Water Utility Company

  • When moving in or out and you need to begin or end your water service.
  • When you’re experiencing water supply issues such as long-lasting shortage or rationing. In such cases, ensure to check out the Torrance Municipal Water’s page first, to seek information regarding when the issue can be resolved.
  • When you notice a leak at a home in your neighborhood but the occupants aren’t available.
  • When there’s a piping issue outside your property line or water meter, like if there’s a leakage in the streets.

When to Hire a Professional Plumber

  • When there’s a water leak within your property (in the compound or inside the house)
  • If you need to replace your toilet, sink, tub, shower, or other accessories
  • If the shower, tub, sink, toilet, etc., aren’t draining appropriately 
  • If you need an all-inclusive assessment of your plumbing system to unmask potential issues or figure out worn-out accessories that need replacement

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Torrance?

You’ll most likely need a permit for any plumbing project that goes beyond the typical repair and aesthetic upgrade in Torrance. These may include:

  • Installing new water pipes and drains
  • Replacing or installing a water heater
  • Replacing subfloor bathroom accessories, such as bathtubs, shower units, or toilets
  • Installing a new bathtub or shower pan
  • Installing or replacing a garbage disposal, unless it has the same specs as the previous one
  • Installing a drain trap
  • Installing or replacing a toilet

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